Desk Express Order Form

Note: online ordering is only available for staff.

Please place your order no later than noon the day before. Meals cost $3.95. Payments can be made at the time of pick-up with cash, check or lunch account. If you have any special requests, please leave them in the comment section below.

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Step #1 Pick Your Entree

Choose between a sandwich, salad OR protein pack below.

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Protein Pack: Flatbread, oven roasted turkey, cubed cheddar, hard boiled egg & grapes.

Hummus Pack: Hummus, flatbread, carrots, celery, cherry tomato & sliced cucumber.

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Step #2 Condiments, Included with Meal
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Step #3 (Optional) Choose a Beverage and a la Carte Items
Canned Soda ($1.00 each):
Bottled Water ($1.00):
12 oz. Soup
Choice of Soup ($2.50 each):
Choice of Baked Lays Chips ($1.00 each):
Choice of Doritos Chips ($0.75 each):
Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie ($0.50 each):

Note: You will be charged for the meal if it is not picked up.

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